Credit Unions Use Games to Encourage Saving

In today’s low-interest-rate environment, watching a pittance trickle into your savings account isn’t much encouragement to put more away. So some state-chartered credit unions are doling out prizes to get savers to deposit more money Prize-linked savings accounts are similar to traditional savings accounts. But each time you deposit a minimum amount — say, $25 — […] Read More...

Young Northwest Federal CU Members Deposit $156K

Youngsters throughout Northern Virginia joined Northwest Federal Credit Union to celebrate National Credit Union Youth Week, an event designed to help area youth learn about money and the value of saving. During the event, Northwest Federal youth members made nearly 1,300 deposits, totaling $156,835. The event also resulted in the opening of 51 new youth […] Read More...

Desert Schools Federal Credit Union CEO believes in doing good

Susan Frank is the first woman in the country to lead a credit union with $1 billion or more in assets. Considering that distinction, the Desert Schools Federal Credit Union CEO is surprisingly humble about her pioneering role in the industry. “I really never approached the position as being the first female CEO,” she says. […] Read More...

Credit Union run by team of five women

A place where caring and listening are a priority, a focus on helping people achieve better lives, financial peace of mind and a cooperative atmosphere. These goals are what Sunflower UP Federal Credit Union strives to create for its 2,000 members. The financial institution at the corner of Ninth and Broadway in downtown Marysville is […] Read More...

Gov. Rick Snyder honors American 1 Credit Union for giving back to community

JACKSON, MI – Gov. Rick Snyder paid tribute to Jackson’s American 1 Credit Union for the company’s efforts in giving back to the community. Snyder presented the Corporate Community Leader award to Terry Krieg, a member of the credit union’s board Monday, June 30, at a ceremony held at the Gem Theatre in Detroit. The award honors […] Read More...

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