9 Good Reasons to Choose a Credit Union Instead of a Bank

I am huge believer in credit unions. When I first arrived to the U.S., I only had my savings and my dreams of completing a MBA degree. As an immigrant I didn’t have a credit history or a U.S. bank account. This meant that many big names in banking were hesitant to give me a […] Read More...

11 Nebraska credit unions participate in ‘Save to Win’ prize program

Nebraska was the second state, after Michigan, to pass a law allowing “prize-linked” savings accounts at credit unions. The “Save to Win” program started here in 2012 with nine credit unions participating, and there are now 11, including Liberty First and MembersOwn credit unions in Lincoln. To participate in the program, people can deposit as […] Read More...

Tristate Credit Union Helps High School After Macroburst

A Tristate credit union steps up and helps a local high school after a devastating wind storm. Boonville High School was severely damaged during the “macroburst” that hit in May. Heritage Federal Credit Union employees not only cleaned up before graduation, but also replaced more than a dozen desktop computers and eight laptops. School officials […] Read More...

Municipal Credit Union Launches Payday Alternative

The $2.1 billion Municipal Credit Union announced it would launch a program that would help roughly 2,000 of its members break away from using payday loans. The New York City based, 367,000-member credit union did not specify a date the “Step Line of Credit” will become available for members, but a July 9 statement about […] Read More...

I Saved Thousands by Refinancing My Car at a Credit Union

Many of us have fallen prey to the pressures of a conglomerate car retailer, including myself. In 2011, I walked into a Toyota dealership with the sensible goal of simply checking out the merchandise. My lease was drawing to a close, and I wanted to see what my options were. Instead, I got caught up in […] Read More...

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