Credit Union Membership Soars with Young People

It's not your grandfather's credit union. Just ask the growing number of millennials who are among those turning to the not-for-profit financial cooperatives. Read More...

Credit unions: Is one right for you?

Credit union membership topped 100 million in June, the Credit Union National Association announced this month. It was a highly touted milestone for the member-owned banking institutions, which are often smaller and less understood than more traditional banks. Read More...

A generation steers toward credit unions, away from banks

They graduated and came of age just as the economy had sunk to its deepest depths. Their job prospects and savings accounts dropped. Then, if they had recently bought a home, they watched helplessly as its value evaporated – perhaps pushing them into foreclosure. And it hurt. Millennials suffered deeply during the recession, with wounds that are still fresh and unlikely to heal quickly. Read More...

Credit unions depositing thousands of new customers

Credit unions are on a roll nationally and in New Mexico. Credit union membership in the U.S. topped 100 million in June and grew by 2.9 percent in the 12 months that ended June 30, Credit Union Association of New Mexico CEO Paul Stull told Albuquerque Business First. Read More...

Editorial: The institution deserves credit

Sometimes, people do things just because they are good things to do. Sometimes, businesses do, too. Cynics are always suspicious that other people — and, especially, businesses — don’t do anything just because it would be beneficial. Well, here’s one that shouts “good deed” out loud, with no hint of greed. Last Saturday, Dannemora Federal […] Read More...

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