Buena Park , CA

Proud to be and employee as well as a valued Member is an understatement. Recognizing and emphasizing Members needs to serve them is my personal goal. I do this by showing meaningful levels of pleasant passion in performing my job; making every interaction have meaning, with caring and still serve a purpose. Interacting with Members is key; while identifying their needs, earning their trust and satisfying their immediate concerns and finding their personal creative solutions daily. Here at the Credit Union we have an abundant of outlets to achieve this goal. Thanks to the Credit Union they have given us all the opportunity to study, train and fully grasp and understand their philosophy, culture and direction the Credit Union and its movement is striving for. This knowledge invaluable and is being used to cross trained my children to lead a better life. We have set our personal goals, family goals and future goals in to place. We use the Credit Union as an outlet to lead the life we want and deserve for today and tomorrow.

Westminster , CA

By reason of the personal help and assistance I have received for over 52 years with a Federal Credit Union. I have gotten a real estate loan, automobile loans plus other services..

Saint Paul , MN

For all the ways Ideal Credit Union gives back to the community.

Gainesville , FL

I have been with my credit union since I was 18, and they have always taken care of me! I have never had a single problem with them, and will never have a bad word to say about them.

Fort Worth , TX

I'm not only a proud credit union member; I'm a PROUD credit union employee! The passion I feel about the credit union movement and philosophy is contagious. I love being able to assist our members with their financial needs and informing them of additional products and services that I believe in with all my heart. There is nothing like helping them reach their financial goals, and teaching them the proper avenues to take to achieve their financial success.

Madison , WI

I'm proud to be a credit union member because my credit union helps me make good financial decisions and feel confident about money. I know that helping me and my family secure a bright financial future is their highest goal. My credit union cares about me, my family and my community. They are easy to do business with, and I'm treated like family. What's not to love about my credit union-SUMMIT CREDIT UNION!

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